A Day at the Shop – Goldrush Rally Cleveland

This year, the Goldrush Rally made Cleveland a stop on its way from Las Vegas to New York City. This is an event similar to the Gumball 3000 Rally. They have a pretty awesome route through the continental US. This meant that during the afternoon there were some amazing supercars rolling down I-90 E headed into downtown Cleveland. We rolled on the highways, found some of the cars, picked up some extralegal races, and eventually ended up taking some pictures of the cars around W.3 and Huron downtown. Glad to see some of our customers down there too!

Events like this make us think about putting together a road rally event for Euro cars. Wonder if there’s any interest. Check out some of the cars from the Rally below!

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A Day at the Shop – 2015 GTI First Look

We had a local dealer drop off a Mk7 GTI today in order to check out the fitment for some of the parts that we’ve gotten into stock. Besides the European-spec LED taillights that we’ve lined up, we also have performance parts for the newest 2015 VW GTIs, Golfs, and Rs from the usual line up of top-shelf companies. APR, H&R, Volkswagon Racing, VMR, and Neuspeed, to name a few, have all developed best-of-breed items to help propel your new Mk7 BW GTI to it’s highest performance potential.


OEM halogen rear tail lights.

IMG_3491Euro-spec LED VW GTI tail lights.


OEM LED Euro-spec tail lights lighting up.