NEUSPEED Power Pulley Kit - TSI

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Make Model Chassis (year) Engine
Audi A3 8P (2006-2013) 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen CC 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI MKV (2006-2009) 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI MKVI (2010-2014) 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Jetta MKV (2005.5-2010) 2.0T
Volkswagen Jetta MKVI (2011+) 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Passat B6 (2006-2011) FWD
Volkswagen Tiguan 4 Motion 2.0T
Volkswagen Tiguan FWD 2.0T
Volkswagen Tiguan
 Product Description

Your car's alternator and A/C are powered by a belt connected back to the crankshaft pulley. Spinning
these pulleys draw precious horsepower from your engine. NEUSPEED's powertrain engineer, using
sophisticated CAD software, performed a mass properties analysis of the crank pulley. The result is
reduced parasitic drag on the engine, increased horsepower, better response and quicker reving. This
kit includes a new under-drive crankshaft pulley, crankshaft bolt and ribbed belt.

The NEUSPEED crankshaft pulley is made from 7075 aluminum and hard anodized for durability.
Unlike color anodizing which is mostly cosmetic, hard anodizing builds up a hardened layer over the
base material to help prevent wear.

5 - 7 Horsepower gain.

2008.5 - UP Audi A3, TT and VW CC, EOS, GTI V / VI, Jetta V / VI, Passat and Tiguan 2.0L TSI engine.

NOTE: Factory tool required and professional installation recommended.

Pulley Weight:
Stock  4 Lbs. (64 ozs.)
NEUSPEED  13 ozs.
20% Under-drive reduction