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IHI IS38 Turbo + APR Hardware

Dec 20, 2019

HS Tuning is proud to have put together a "choose your hardware" style kit to retrofit the IS38 turbocharger to your GTI, Golf, Alltrack, Sportwagen, or A3!

The IS38 turbocharger that is originally found in the Volkswagen Golf R, Arteon, Audi TTS, and S3 is a very common upgrade for GTI, Golf, Alltrack, TT, and A3 owners. When you pair the IS38 turbo with the right hardware and software upgrades, the results are fantastic! With APR software, intake, and Cast Race Pipe, our GTI was able to make 364 horsepower and 399 lb/ft of torque at the front wheels in 2015. With almost no discernible loss of turbo response (A3, TT, and GTI) the IS38 makes a great deal more power higher in the rev range, 93 additional horsepower to the wheels @ 5,600 rpm, over the IS20, on our GTI test.

Check it our HERE!