02Q 6-Speed Transmission Fluid Service Kit
Fluid service kit for VW/Audi 02Q transmissions.
 $89.44  $84.99 
02Q/02M Transmission Fluid - 1 Liter
OEM transmission fluid for 6 speed 02Q/02M
Haldex Fluid - G  055175A2
High performance oil used specifically for the VW/Audi Halde...
G 055175A2
 $28.50  $27.99 
Haldex Oil Filter - Gen 4 Haldex
Everything you need to service your Gen 4 Haldex filter on y...
Haldex Service Kit - Gen 4
Everything you need to replace the Haldex Filter & Fluid wit...
OEM 75W-90 Synthetic Differential Fluid - 1 Liter
VW/Audi 75W-90 Synthetic differential fluid used in front an...
G 052145S2
 $27.26  $25.49