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Maintenance and Repair

Proper care and maintenance for your European vehicle is key to prolonging the life of your vehicle and
enjoying your ownership.

At HS Tuning, we are all enthusiasts here. We don’t treat customers like a traditional dealership by getting your vehicle in
and rushing work just to get another vehicle in the shop. We go way beyond the dealer levels of care and complete
your job with the highest-level quality and attention to detail that your vehicle deserves. There are many low-cost
shops and options available to the European auto maintenance market but none that pay as close attention to the
premier level detail as we do at HS Tuning.

We only use OEM VW/Audi/Porsche parts to ensure reliability of our repairs and only use the best performance parts
available. We are so strict about the quality of our parts, that no “universal” parts ever make it onto our client’s
vehicles, unless requested by our client. From hose clamps to engine blocks, everything here at HS Tuning
is 100% quality.