Racingline - Subframe Mount

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Make Model Chassis (year) Engine
Volkswagen CC 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Eos 2.0T
Volkswagen Eos 2.0T FSI
Volkswagen Eos 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Eos 3.2L
Volkswagen Golf/GTI MKV (2006-2009) 2.0T FSI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI MKV (2006-2009) 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI MKVI (2010-2014) 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Golf/GTI MKVI (2010-2014) Golf R
Volkswagen Jetta MKV (2005.5-2010)
Volkswagen Jetta MKV (2005.5-2010) 2.0T
Volkswagen Jetta MKV (2005.5-2010) 2.5L
Volkswagen Jetta MKV (2005.5-2010) TDI
Volkswagen Jetta MKV (2005.5-2010) TDI 2.0L
Volkswagen Jetta MKVI (2011+) 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen Passat B6 (2006-2011) FWD
Volkswagen R32 MKV (2008)
Volkswagen Tiguan 4 Motion 2.0T
Volkswagen Tiguan FWD 2.0T
Volkswagen Tiguan
 Product Description

Racingline Subframe Mounts are designed to decrease engine and transmission movement to
facilitate proper transfer of power to the road. By tightening up engine and transmission movement,
drivers will instantly feel the differences the second they pull away.

This subframe mount offers a significant reduction in movement experienced on and off throttle, between
gear shifts and under acceleration. "Wheel Hop" is greatly minimized with this modification alone. This
mount fully replaces the factory part and does so without attempting to bandaid the issue with small plastic
or rubber inserts. The subframe mount alone is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to increase
performance without adding much vibration or noise.

Factory engine and transmission mounts offer a heavy compromise between performance and comfort to
satisfy an extremely wide range of customers. In doing so, soft compounds are used which introduce engine
and transmission movement which can decrease stiffness and result in failure. Such failures can lead
damaged engine and driveline components due to shifts under load.

Racingline mounts do increase in cabin vibrations and noise, however Racingline has refined the mounts to offer only
enough stiffness as required without sacrificing comfort. Many customers indicate feeling a true connection
to their vehicle once the factory softness is removed.Racingline Recommends the Subframe Mount for daily drivers
looking to stiffen up the driveline with very minimal increases to vibrations and noise.