Haldex Oil Filter - Gen 1 Haldex

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VW/Audi OEM Parts
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Make Model Chassis (year) Engine
Audi TT MKI (1998-2007) 180
Audi TT MKI (1998-2007) 225
Audi TT MKI (1998-2007) 3.2L V6
Volkswagen R32 MKIV (2004)
 Product Description

The standard Haldex system in your all wheel drive Audi/VW is can be very expensive
to repair when problematic.  Replacing this filter every 40k miles can ensure that you
are keeping your Haldex unit healthy and smooth.  We also recommend changing the
fluid more often in higher powered, aggressive vehicles.

Be sure to pick up OEM haldex fluid when changing this filter.

 - OEM Haldex Fluid (early gen.) - 1 Liter
 - OEM Haldex Fluid (late gen.) - 1 Liter